“Being able to do yoga outside with beautiful scenery is a huge plus for me! There are great workshops that force (in a good way) you to check in with yourself. I’ve been to 3 of these retreats now, all with different people and they’ve all felt like a safe space to be able to be myself and speak my mind without judgment. To be able to create a safe space with multiple different groups of people is an art, one which Cecily is a master at. Cecily pours her heart and soul into these retreats and always takes time to check on everyone to make sure they’re doing well and having fun!”


Retreat Testimonial

“I am ever so happy when practicing yoga in any of Cecily's classes. Her attention to the energy in the room is beautiful. She has the ability to motivate me to work harder or try new poses i thought were too hard for me. I love her attention to detail and enthusiasm. I feel amazing after her class and am so grateful for her in my life and yoga practic. I highly recommend you try her classes!! You will not regret it.”


Heated Vinyasa Class

“I have been taking Cecily’s high intensity yoga class over the past year and I absolutely love her teaching style. The class is very physically challenging for me, but her style and energy make it feel so rewarding and fun! Her positive energy and spirit are absolutely addictive and you will feel so accomplished with her sincere and energetic encouragements. She makes you feel like you can do anything, even a really hard 5am class! I can’t say enough wonderful things about what a wonderful teacher Cecily is. I really don’t want to share my adoring comments at risk of losing her to broader adoration. For now, I plan to enjoy every class. I am confident you too will appreciate her positive and encouraging approach and her fitness leadership skills.”

Sculpt Yoga Class

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