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Meet Our Teachers!

Cecily Kelly

Owner and Creator of Twin Star Yoga

Cecily has been practicing yoga for over 9 years. She started with Bikram yoga and fell in love with the challenge and thoughtfulness of a yoga practice. Through her years of yoga she has found so much joy in the connection it brings to the mind, body and soul. Her appreciation for learning and sharing this lifestyle with others has only grown with the 1000 hours of teaching yoga and 350 hours of trainings . Her mission  is for people to have a haven where they can dive deep into a better exploration of life and self love. Cecily created Twin Star Yoga to help people find a place they could come and learn about themselves and to unite communities. Cecily believes that we  are so strong as individuals, yet when we share in life together, we are unstoppable!

Lauren Marcisz

Lauren fell completely in love with yoga while strength training as a runner. Yoga excites her emotionally, spiritually and humbles her daily. Teaching and movement have always been a huge part of Lauren’s life. Starting as a toddler with ballet, then ice-skating, to cheerleading in high school, then becoming a runner in college, majoring in exercise physiology, and lastly getting a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction at Chapman. Lauren’s history of teaching in the classroom and helping her community has made transitioning to teaching yoga a natural progression. Lauren’s goal in class and off the mat is to lead with love

Alona Kristol-Harper

After starting Ballet at the age of 2 1/2 dance quickly became her passion. She started teaching dance classes when she was 12 and never looked back. After completing her Associate's degree from Irvine Valley College she decided to become certified in Barre and Yoga to expand her knowledge and teaching styles. She loves to work out but doesn't take herself too seriously so be prepared for her one liner jokes and her spunky attitude. Her motto is "laughter is not only good for the soul but also your abs."

April Gledhill

April is a yoga instructor (RYT 200) that specializes in YIN yoga. She is also a breathwork instructor and a Reiki Master. She focuses on releasing trauma from the body. Unaddressed trauma can fester within the body, which is likened to a splinter that is not removed. Typically it gets infected or the body heals over it, but the remnants are still there. Trauma can cause physical, emotional and spiritual pain if left unaddressed. In each of April's breathwork and reiki classes, she will work to bring the wound to the surface, so that it can be seen and worked through. April shows all the students that they are their own healer. She is simply a facilitator to hold space for them and guide them through the healing process.

Niki Ryder Wix

Niki discovered yoga in 2008 as a way to balance years of running that left her muscles feeling tight and tired. That discovery soon turned to passion, as she realized that yoga not only balanced her physical well-being, but also her mental, emotional, and spiritual self.

Upon moving to California from the east coast with her husband in June of 2016, Niki realized she had an amazing opportunity to take her two passions, teaching and yoga, and pursue a yoga teacher training. She decided to take a break from a 9-year career of being a full-time elementary school teacher, to immerse herself into her yoga practice.

Niki completed her 200-hour training through Yoga Alliance in 2016 at Peace Love and Yoga in Carlsbad. She also became certified to teach children yoga through Next Generation Yoga in early 2017.

Niki combines her love for music and movement into vinyasa flows focused on building strength, flexibility, and a deeper connection to breath.Use this space to add more details about your site, a customer quote, or to talk about important news.


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