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Galaxy Glow Yoga!

October 30th 5:30pm

Step into a world of vibrant illumination and galaxies of fun with our Glow Yoga class! Using glow sticks and body paint we will flow our way into the Halloween Spirit! With a mixture of weights and postures this class will leave you floating on the air like a ghost! With ultra violet lights and upbeat music this is a class you won't want to miss! 

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Nervous System Workshop

November 5th 12:30pm-2pm

In this workshop, Dr. Sydney will begin with a general overview of the nervous system and how it innervates the entire body consciously and subconsciously. From there she will breakdown the female hormone cycle and how to really get in tune with it. Finally, Dr. Sydney will explore different tips and tricks you can utilize daily to master your cycle as well as tune into your nervous system to ultimately live a more present and mindful life.

We will begin with gentle movement and breath work, wear comfy clothes and get ready to feel amazing!

Book Club!

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey toward personal growth and self-improvement? Come together with us every other month where we explore wonderful thought provoking books to help elevate your life!

Engaging Discussions: Dive deep into meaningful discussions about each book's concepts and how to apply them in your life. Share your experiences, challenges, and successes with a supportive community of like-minded individuals.

We will meet at Twin Star Yoga November 11th @10 am!
Come and enjoy refreshments and wonderful conversation!

**Book of the month is “Smart Women Know When to Say No by Dr. Kevin Leman” click the book club picture to save your spot!

This club is Donation Based
Suggested Donation on the day of meeting $10

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