Sculpting Inner and Outer Wellness:
Yoga's Physical and Mental Benefits

By Cecily Kelly

#1. Releasing Perfection. 

 I figured this would be a perfect first topic because as I write this, I’m terrified of making a mistake or saying something, well stupid. But I am who I am. And as a concept I’m pretty lucky I have been able to grasp this at the ripe old age of 30. I make mistakes. A lot of them, and its how I realized I learn a lot from them. The moment I allowed myself to release perfectionism I was able to open myself up to new experiences, challenges and over all enjoy my beautiful messy LIFE! 

How often have you started to do something and stopped yourself because the fear of messing up or failing became too over whelming? As kids we are told its okay to fall down or color outside the lines. We’re encouraged to try new things because the world is limitless! But some where along the way into growing up it stops being acceptable. Somehow striving to be the best at everything we do is our only option. So if we cant be the best we arn’t supposed to “waste” our time on it! Cant we just paint because its fun? Or do sudoku even if we have to cheat a few times or leave it unfinished?

That’s one of the things I love about yoga. It’s truly called a yoga PRACTICE. Because even the yogi masters are working on something. There is no end goal. Let yourself struggle, fall out of the pose, lay down before Savasana. Just allow yourself to be as you are and enjoy the journey. So please today, try to approach your life without the thought of having it be ‘perfect’ and see all the colorful fun filled places you will go! Embrace the wobbles and the stumbles and know that you are not alone. We all have to start somewhere. Even now I’m right there with you, writing my first ever blog post. I think you’re amazing. And if you turn the corners of your mouth up and release perfection. I know you will feel it too.

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