Weekly Schedule


7am Infrared Vinyasa (Cecily)
8:30am Barre Fusion (Alona)
9:30am Infrared Sculpt (Cecily)
12:15pm Roll and Release (Cecily)
5:30pm Infrared Sculpt (Cecily)
6:30pm Breath work (Kaily)


7am Infrared Vinyasa (Cecily)
8:30am All Levels Vinyasa Non-Heated (Cecily)
9:30am Infrared Sculpt (Cecily)
4:30pm Infrared Vinyasa (Jaime)
6:00pm Stretching for Surfers (Jaime)


6am Gentle Sunrise Flow (Cecily)
8:30am Barre Fusion (Alona)
4pm Infrared Vinyasa (Megan)
5:30pm Infrared Sculpt (Cecily)
6:45pm Reiki & Restore (Diana)


7am Infrared Vinyasa (Cecily)
8:30am All Levels Vinyasa Non-Heated (Alona)
4:30pm Infrared Vinyasa (Molly)
6pm Kundalini Yoga (April)


7am Infrared Vinyasa (Jamie)
8:30am Belly Dancing + Tummy Toning (Jamie)
9:30am Infrared Sculpt (Cecily)
11:00am Restorative Yoga + Therapeutic Touch (Sam)

8:30am Infrared Blend Yoga (Simin)


8:30am Infrared Vinyasa (Cecily)
10am Infrared Sculpt (Cecily)
11am Roll & Release (Cecily)

Studio Packages

First Class is Only $10!
$25 Drop In
$90 Butterfly 4 Class Package
$75 4 Class Limited Monthly Membership
$129 8 Class Limited Monthly Membership
$159 Unlimited Monthly Membership

Class Descriptions

Infrared Vinyasa:
Our heated vinyasa is all levels. Using dynamic movement to create balance in the body and mind. Using infrared heating has a number of health benefits for the body. Aids in detox and blood circulation as well as can give the immune system a healthy boost! You will feel in bliss after this 60 min flow. The teacher will guide you through fun sequences that will energize and relax you so you’re  ready for your day!
Infrared Sculpt:
Get ready to be obsessed! This classes fast paced flow and use of weights will help you build lean muscle and boost your metabolism! Sweat it out to upbeat tracks and cardio bursts! Get excited about working out again and see how this class can transform you!

Class Descriptions

Barre Fusion:
A fusion of Yoga, Pilates, Barre and dance to create a fun upbeat music driven work out. Barre Fusion is a full body 45 minute work out with minimal to no equipment needed and no experience required! This style includes big range of motion work to enhance cardio as well as small range of motion to concentrate on muscle endurance. This combination allows for the muscles to fully warm up and work out to a point of fatigue that improves definition and flexibility. All I ask is that you show up, work out and have fun!
Restorative Yoga:
Slow it down. Enjoy this restful practice and open your body gentle with passive stretching. Enjoy essential oils and soft mindful poses. Push the reset button on your day.

Class Descriptions

Sound Bath:
Enjoy the beautiful healing energy of singing bowls.
Spend 60 min relaxing with bolsters and blankets while the sound of the bowls will help you meditate and elevate, this allows for a peaceful state that is highly conductive to healing as well as relaxing your nervous system.

Roll & Release:
Using props like foam rollers and tennis balls play a key roll in releasing the
fascia in this class. The benefits include calming the central nervous system
and relieving tension and pain in the body. Spend your days sitting in a chair
or active on your feet? This class has benefits to help relieve built up tension in the body!

Keep Reading for our specialty classes!

Specialty Classes

Belly Dancing and Tummy Toning:
Experience a multi- modality complete workout for mind, body and soul. A strong connection to the core is a strong connection to vitality and life force. This class is designed to empower the modern yogi by building strength, flexibility and cultivating deeper internal awareness. We will be focusing on fluidity in movement, posture + alignment, understanding our sensual natures and the basics of sacred belly dance. This is a class for any one desiring confidence, devotion to self healing and greater enjoyment of this amazing life!!

Breath Work:
Experience the incredible power of your own breath with a guided practice of breathwork.
Organically release trauma, stress, fear and anxiety from your body. The rhythmic breathing
will allow your body and mind to relax.

Kundalini Yoga:
This class combines yoga postures with breathing techniques, mantra (chanting) and meditation.  Through our own sound,  mantras we will help us tap into our inner power, chanting with our entire being to enhance healing while bringing balance to the mind, body and spirit. This invigorating practice will take you on a journey of self-discovery.

Stretching for Surfers:
Deep dive into the activities you love and let this class help you achieve all your goals! If you love to surf or live an active life this class is great for you! Alleviate pain in your achey neck and shoulders, lengthen your spine, increase flexiblity in your hips and hamstrings! You will notice a profound improvement in your suppleness, stamina and skills on and off the board right away! *This class is great for men and women and can truly benefit anyone! 

Blend Yoga:
Blend yoga is a combination of Vinyasa, breath work, meditation and visualization. This practice designed to work on specific body systems, such as the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, endocrine or reproductive system. It provides happiness by balancing the glandular system, strengthening the nervous system, and enabling us to tap into the energy of the mind and the emotions, so we can be in control of ourselves, rather than being controlled by our thougths and feelings.

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